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Starfield Architects is an energetic, vibrant young architectural practice that was established in 2016 by Helen Leroux and Jaco Jonker. We are passionate about residential, small-scale offices, and luxury hospitality designs all with an underlying focus on sustainability and climate sensitivity. 

We strive to make every project a perfect fit for the client through our conceptual research and artistic flair, and love bringing the feeling of home and craft into every space - no matter how formal the client's requirements are. At Starfield Architects we also love to bring a new look to your existing pre-loved homes, as we have established ourselves as renovation + alteration specialists. 

If you want to have a chat with us, or just want to set up a friendly consultation for your next big project, come pop by our offices, we love working with people of all backgrounds!

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Starfield Architects currently run from two offices - Our inland projects are run from the Auckland Park offices in Johannesburg, and all coastal projects are run from our beautiful Garden Route offices located in Glentana - a mere 15 minute drive from George International Airport! Make an appointment today and come say hi to us - we always enjoy a friendly chat!

Johannesburg Offices

George/Garden Route Offices

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